7 best films about electronic music that you can see right now

While electronic music is becoming increasingly popular, several films and documentaries have been created that show the depths of this peculiar movement. From the history of famous EMD characters to incredible anecdotes, electronic music has a lot to tell and several directors have dared to take it to the cinema.

Here we show you a list of the best 7 movies that show electronic music in all its splendor: drugs, excesses and good vibes Uncensored!

7. It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

As I say, the Melbourne DJ hire to the Beethoven. It’s All Gone Pete Tong is the story of Pete Tong, a DJ who took his ear to the utmost to be completely deaf at the best moment of his career.

The loss of hearing leads to a very serious identity crisis, until one day he begins to feel the music through the vibrations produced by the floor. With this new ability to appreciate music, Tong is reborn and begins to do what he knows best, now from a wiser vision.

6. Human Traffic (1999)

Human Traffic reminds us a lot of Trainspotting , by the tone of madness, irony and acidity that characterizes it, in addition to being in the same time of the 90s. Human Traffic tells the story of five friends who carry the ecstasy banner, or the “Chemical Generation”, to the electronic scene in Wales at its peak.

The soundtrack of this film will take you back to the 90s thanks to the themes of Underworld, William Orbit, System F, Armand Van Helden and other characteristics of Drum’n’bass

5. EDC 2013: Under The Electric Sky (2014)

This film last year is a great propaganda of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, a show that takes place every summer and turns the entire Nevada highway into a rave.

This film is practically a documentary of how this type of massive concert is made. It has the participation of musicians such as Avicii, Tiësto, Calvin Harris and others from the EDM.


4. Party Monster (2003)

This film is based on the memories of James St. that are named Disco Bloodbath .

Party Monster tells the story of James St. and his group of clubbers who called them the “Club Kids”. James narrates his friendship with promoter Michael Alig and what led him to commit an alleged crime against Angel Melendez.

On the soundtrack you can find groups like Ladytron, Scissor Sisters and Felix da Housecat.

3. Limelight (2011)

This documentary is about the life of Peter Gatien, the creator of the most incredible clubs in New York, such as Tunnel , Palladium and Limelight . These venues were known for being great influences in the electronic music of the 80s and 90s.

2. Moog (2004)

Everyone who knows electronic music, with only the title, should know what this film is about. Well, yes, this documentary shows us the process of creating the first Moog synthesizers in 1967, thanks to its inventor Robert Moog . This is the birth of electronic music today.

1. Vibrations (1996)

Finally, Vibrations is a complicated story of a poor complicated man.

TJ Cray is a rock star who, on the way to an audition with a record company, after a night of drunkenness, has a car accident that leaves his hands severely damaged. TJ ends up living in the street until, one night, in a rave of an abandoned workshop he meets Anamika who helps him to reinvent himself and start his musical career again.

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