7 films to learn English

Are you going to take a weekend to be at home in total tranquility? Perhaps you choose to stay away from the routine in a cottage? We propose 7 filmscomo aprender ingles em uma semana and drive you in learning the language, either to watch at home or away. A full of mythical scenes, sure some will already be stored on your retina cultural alternative.

The King’s Speech ( ‘The King’s Speech’)

British film that tells the difficulties of King George VI to radio speech declaring war on Nazi Germany in 1939, because of his stutter. So thanks to his speech therapist, get it done without any difficulty. The film , starring Colin Firth a superb, has a slow and deliberate speech, which will certainly help those who need to hear all the details.

The Shawshank Redemption ( ‘The Shawshank Redemption’)

After being charged with the murder of his wife, Andrew will have to serve life sentence in prison. His prison life will be a long and painful step, which only improve as respect for other inmates earn. A movie to learn English for a very simple reason: Tim Robbins uses a cult English, while the other sentenced to prison no. A real masterpiece of cinema of the nineties to know the differences of language use.

The Social Network

“Nobody has 500 million friends without a few enemies created”. Under this premise, we presented the film that tells the creation of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg had problems at the beginning with his closest friends university. It is possible to learn English (or better) with its rapid and electrical dialogues and made a dash for the showcasing of its protagonists. A powerful and background history.

Black Swam ( ‘black swan’)

Starring Natalie Portman, ‘Black Swam’ tells the rise and fall of a major ballet dancers, with spectacular photography and excellent performances. You know firsthand the English in a social context of high standing such as the dance and theater. A language in which use quite jargon and enrich your language.


A film that won over critics and audiences, and tells the story of an actor decaying state that does not accept that already has neither success nor recognition of yesteryear. This film will help you with your English because the actors pronounced slowly and very markedly.

Mary Poppins

And you know and you may even have seen it several times. It is why you see something original when you know already folded, can help you relax during your viewing and thus be able to absorb more of the film. In addition, their dialogues are nothing complicated or pretentious, so you can follow the script without problem.

Notting Hill

She is American and the British and that is an important way to notice the differences between the two accents and makes ‘Notting Hill’ the last of the 7 films to learn English that we recommend . If you do not know what this is, it is a romantic comedy that happens to use in London when a movie star’s house just a nobody. From there, comical and absurd situations happen and love between the protagonists emerge.

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