7 movies to watch while pregnant

When women are pregnant we usually not only change our eating habits, but we also nourish ourselves intellectually by capturing all that information related to our state. We offer you a few movies for pregnant women and with ovarian cysts . Surely with these options you do not fall asleep!

# 1 What to expect when you are waiting?

This film comes from the hand of two stars, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. I think it’s great because it shows different situations that involve women in the role of mothers, such as being mothers without having planned, adoptions and raising children in general, providing humorous corn while exciting.

# 2 The business of being born

This is not a film but a documentary that will give you no information and real images of what labor means nowadays in countries like the United States. The documentary was produced by Ricki Lake and shows a wide range of possibilities related to giving birth such as natural childbirth, cesareans, inductions, home birth, epidural, doulas, among others. One of the objectives of this documentary is to show how childbirth ceases to be something natural to become a business.

# 3 Nine months

It’s a somewhat old movie, but the truth is that I think it’s worth seeing as a couple. Act Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore. The film is about an unplanned pregnancy and everything that the situation entails for both protagonists when facing something unexpected.

# 4 The father of the bride 2

A movie by the funny Steve Martin who will be a father no less than for the third time, but he will also be a grandfather in the same year as the first grandchild to arrive in the family. You will laugh a good while with the entanglements that the family stars around the expected fatherhood.

# 5 Mom to rent

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in this movie. It is not a sad film, but on the contrary, it is about solidarity among women. Both end up forming an alliance to see their wishes fulfilled in the best possible way.

# 6 The boys of my life

If you want to have an excuse to cry, this movie will be perfect because it is very moving. It is about a high school girl who gets pregnant (Drew Barrymore) who is surrounded by problems with drugs, disappointments but also a lot of love.

# 7 Plan B

This movie, which stars actress Jennifer Lopez, is a great romantic comedy. The actress in his role decides to artificially inseminate himself to be a mare, while falling in love with the man of his dreams. When she  realizes that the insemination has worked, she believes that her current partner will abandon her, even more so when she learns that she will have twins. The rest is intrigued by you, find out, it’s exciting!

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