When it comes to choosing the decoration of a wedding, the limit is your imagination. Each reception varies not only by trends that are currently in force, but by the particular tastes and preferences of the couple. When the next couple to get married opts for a themed wedding inspired by their favorite film production, the result may vary, because one possible result is a dream wedding and the other is that everything ends up being a disaster if it is not well executed and if you do not prioritize details such as elegance and simplicity to avoid looking like it is a children’s wedding. Then seven spectacular weddings inspired by movies that had a phenomenal result:

Star Wars

Probably one of the films with the greatest number of fans in the world and object of inspiration for thousands of events, ceremonies and even weddings. To avoid falling into excess, avoid that all the decoration is of the tape. We recommend you to add a couple of Stormtroopers to the ceremony and with it you will have the wedding you always wanted. Remember to keep it simple.


The Land

One of our favorite options for aesthetics, costumes and ribbon colors. How about asking your bridesmaids to dress in the tones of the dresses of the girls from La La Land? Best of all, the groom and the bride will look elegant, sophisticated and very funny at the same time.

The Great Gatsby

If you love the style of the 20s, then the great option is to be inspired by this successful film. This theme does not sacrifice elegance and the wedding photography services Singapore will be a work of art.

The little Mermaid

What can be more romantic than a Disney movie? If you always dreamed of having your own fairy tale you can play with details in the decoration inspired by your favorite scenes from a film of this production house. Everyone will love it.

The Wizard of Oz

Believe it or not, this is one of the films that inspire the most couples when it comes to getting married. Details like the red shoes of Dorothy or the emeralds of “Emerald City” are just some of the endless options that you can take from the Wizard of Oz for your wedding.


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