Cinema about locksmith at sundance film festival 2014

the locksmith (lock charmer)


While a paranormal phenomenon covers the Buenos Aires sky, Sebastián, a 33-year-old locksmith pascoe vale with phobia of commitment, receives the news that his most stable partner is pregnant and there is a possibility that he is the father. At the same time, Sebastian begins to suffer visions about the lives of his clients: secrets, emotions and more intimate thoughts.



“The movie,” Smirnoff said, “was born once I was locked in my house on a Sunday, and my son was on the other side. A ridiculous situation that was given by a nanny who had locked and took it, but I, before finding out that, had the feeling that thieves had entered but had not stolen anything (which was ridiculísimo) … And for another side, you see a guy who comes to your house, opens the door and knows something of you at that moment “(Interview with the director Natalia Smirnoff by abc scriptwriters ).

kill a man (to kill a man)

The Chilean Alejandro Fernández Almendras has worked as a film critic, journalist and photographer. His short film What Brings Rain was an official selection at the Berlin Film Festival. His first feature film, Huacho , was awarded the Sundance / NHK International Filmmaker Award and was presented at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.


Based on a fact of real life, ‘Kill a Man’ presents the story of Jorge, a family man, who is assaulted by a known criminal. The son of Jorge decides to face the criminal, being seriously wounded. The criminal is sentenced for only two years and when he leaves prison he begins to harass Jorge’s family. Jorge and his son have no choice but to do justice on their own.


“(Killing a man) is a police story based on real life that basically has to do with what is justice for the poor in Chile.If you do not have some kind of influence, the justice machine moves so slowly that many people see themselves at the crossroads of taking justice into their own hands. The case happened about ten years ago, there are variations in history and places, but it is a family that is threatened and feels unprotected, which ultimately produces violence. “(Interview with director Alejandro Fernández Almendras for La Discusión CL ).

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