Coffee and film together and scrambled

Coffee is part of our day in many ways, since we got up we took the first cup to clear our home, mid – morning we make a little coffee break in the vending machine and coffee machine rentals for office singapore at noon nothing feels better food good coffee … and many nights with us on our screens.

Coffee in time we make a small collection of scenes and curious moments linking xmovies8 movies and coffee through the years. In this case we have selected seven scenes from the film world plus one on the small screen. Do you have seen?

Reservoir Dogs

The debut of Quentin Tarantino begins with social convention par excellence, with a moment we have all experienced, talking with a group of friends over a cup of coffee on any subject that interests us. Tarantino begins with a reflection on Madonna’s song Like a Virgin to finish with a memorable debate about whether to give tips or not (custom deeply rooted in the United States). Memorable performances bathed with good coffee.


This is one of the quintessential romantic movies. The union of simplicity and convoluted, how embarrassed and extravagance, as in coffee, bitter and sweet mixed in a single drink. In one of the key moments, Amelie (Audrey Totou) observes every little movement of her beloved Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz) while it takes a coffee at the bar where our protagonist works. A moment that could not end otherwise than with an act of hidden value of Amelie.

Goodfellas (Goodfellas)

One of the quintessential gangster movies, he could not lack a scene related to coffee. Stacks (Samuel L. Jackson) misses come what awaits you. The strange character of Joe Pecsi, Tommy Vito, with that mood so problematic that characterizes asks his partner Frankie (Frank Sivero) to make a coffee …

Pulp Fiction

In his first film we realized what Tarantino fan who is chatting about coffee. In Pulp Fiction, Tarantino bathes another great scene with coffee. With a corpse in the garage of the house and a coffee in hand, Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) decides to stop thinking about the body and taste the coffee.

Coffee & Cigarettes

Reservoir Dogs If we see a scene of people talking over a cup of coffee, Jim Jarmusch decides to take that concept to a whole movie. 11 stories focusing on conversations on everyday topics from celebrities over a cup of black coffee.

Airplane 2 (Airplane II: The Sequel)

While there is a small comic timing related to coffee in the first film of the series, we wanted to stay with the second film. How are the days when there are no supplies for the coffee machine?

Notorious (Notorious)

It is very curious how the films of Alfred Hitchcock, British film director, coffee and tea not repeatedly appears. Adapted to their American audience, Hitchcock uses coffee as the main element of the plot and makes clear from the outset …

Twin Peaks

But if there is a coffee lover manager par excellence that must be David Lynch, the surrealist director is a big fan of black tea to the point of having your own coffee brand. Not only that, but encourages viewers to drink it, and never did better than Twin Peaks … Damn good coffee!

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