Diet and hard training stars to be heroes in film

Henry Cavill

To become Superman, actor Henry Cavill , 31, he had to win nine kilos of muscle mass. His demanding training was conducted by Mark Twight. The same professional who prepared him for Man of Steel (2013). Eleven months before filming was subjected to intense exercise plan.

Once he started donning the costume of the superhero Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice should exercise for an hour before recording each scene.

In addition, he had to follow strictly a diet of 5,000 calories per day based on protein and carbohydrates.


Ben Affleck

Teammate Ben Affleck also demanded his body to the maximum not to disappoint the fans and play the best Batman. Despite his great physical effort he failed to conquer tanro critics and the public.Affleck underwent extensive training that consisted of intensive work weights one day after the other. It increased 18 kilos of muscle working six consecutive days, then two consecutive break.

To be the CIA agent Jason Bourne, Matt Damon learned various martial arts and subjected to a rigorous diet plan. Not only an opportunity but did it five times. On July 29 this year, the fifth of the action film that placed Damon as one of the “hard” men of Hollywood premieres.


Matt Damon
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie married father of 6 children -step a whole year dedicated to his body to get in shape for the movie Troy (2004). The plan was designed to measure, and focused on a different muscle group exercise per day. For this role, the star left some of their vices such as snuff and junk food.

To become “Wolverine” for  X-Men , Hugh Jackman came to lift weights 200 kilos and had to comply with a 6000 calorie diet a day.  The Australian had to be fed every two and a half hours. 


Brad Pitt


Hugh Jackman

For the version of Baywatch on the big screen,  Zac Efron  turned to sports to enliven the sexy lifeguard Matt Brody. Lift weights two hours a day and run 60 minutes on the sunny beaches of California.

Chris Hemsworth  became a superhero for the first time in 2011 when hestarred in Thor , the film based on the character from Marvel comics.

The father of three children and husband Spanish Elsa Pataky took 6 months to prepare his body: increased by 10 kilos of muscle thanks to a strict workout routine to lose weight and the 3 week diet rich in protein.

For the Australian it was not easy. The same actor acknowledged that the workouts were grueling. “He arrived at home defeated, with only thestrength to get into bed to rest” , Hemsworth said.


Chris Hemsworth


Zac Efron

Chris Evans – one of the most sought -after men in the industry- time became known thanks to his role as Captain America.

35 The artist said he had to lose body fat and gain 10 kilos of muscle. He trained 2 hours a day each day focusing on one area of the body.

For him the hardest part was eating without hunger .:  “The worst part of my transformation was constantly eating food. You get to that point where you want to stop, but you have to follow.”  


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