Home espresso machines: In search of the perfect coffee

Experience of use and features: within the category of espresso machines, this homely model offers a temperature gauge that indicates when the boiler reached the ideal temperature for brewing coffee. Produces an intense and tasty product and has a steam pressure system for an espresso just like the cafeteria. It is easy to use because it uses ground best home espresso machines, but that very simplicity makes only can choose between an espresso and one with milk and foam. It also has a steam pipe for frothing milk prepare cappuccinos.

System: expresso pressure of 15 bar.
Finding: you can be prepared in one pot enough for four wells.
Best forgotten: not allow for much creativity in preparation.
Price: $ 429.

Nespresso Citiz & Milk

Experience of use and features: this automatic Nespresso machine belongs to the family, which has changed the way we do and have coffee with the introduction of individual cartridges. Has a wide range to adapt tasting preferences, it is extremely easy and intuitive to use and virtually maintenance free . Among its main attributes are frothing hot or cold milk, a container ten capsules used and a deposit of one liter of water which gives a good autonomy. It is designed with a slim format to fit easily into small spaces and from the aesthetic point of view, decorate any room in the house.

System: monodose cartridges 19 bar pressure.
Finding: the device for heating milk and prepare the foam achieves a simply perfect consistency.
Best forgotten: the dependence of the cartridges and the high price of each.
Price: there is a promotion until October 31 to $ 2,290.

Philips Senseo Latte

Experience of use and features: this coffee belongs to the new category of coffee in cartridges.You can make a cut, a cappuccino or latte macchiato with fresh freshly frothed milk. The preparation takes no more than 35 seconds and only need to press a button. The product is tasty and served at right temperature. It has an integrated milk container has a coffee strength selector and can prepare up to two cups of black coffee at the same time. It has a range of 1.2 liters and an indicator of descaling water. Within the category of cartridges, it is the one that needs more maintenance, so if you are looking for total simplicity, it may be an impediment.

System: single – dose cartridges with pressure of 15 bars.
Finding: wide variety of blends of Cabrales.
Better forget: although the cartridges are available in any supermarket and are domestically produced, the cost per unit (about $ 3) may be a limitation.
Price: $ 1299.

Saeco Exprelia

Experience of use and features: is the ultimate expression of the best coffee and, in many combinations, more than tasty coffees bar. It has a ceramic grinder that wets the grain for a unique scent, and allows dosing and grinding coffee necessary for each shot. A filter measures the water hardness and, among other tens of variables, one can regulate the aroma intensity and flavor. A microcomputer interacts with the user to achieve the coffee that best suits the palate of the consumer. For example, you can adjust the body milk and espresso, steam power for foam coffee or size, and has a container jug of milk for cappuccino, which is sealed and cleaned automatically. It has a range of 1.6 liters and incorporates a double boiler, for better water infusion.

System: Out of 19 bar pressure.
Finding: is source and Italian design.
Better forget: if used frequently, maintenance can be tedious.
Price: $ 9999.

Dolce Gusto – Moulinex

User experience and features: this machine allows you to quickly prepare multiple drinks hot and cold specialties by combining capsules of coffee, chocolate, milk and tea at any time, every day. It is ideal for breakfast and snacks for ease of use and low maintenance, although the density of the drinks can make a 250 cm3 can be shared between two consumers. The colors and flavors are intense and appealing to the palate, but very different from the classic caf├ęs a traditional bar.The cartridge box costs about $ 45 and contains 16 units.

System: cartridges with pressure of 15 bars.
Finding: as varieties of coffee flavors make this a true family use device.
Best forgotten: its autonomy is only 0.6 liters.
Price: $ 949.

Electrolux – Aroma Espresso

User experience and features: is an appliance of advanced technology that has a system of ultra – fast heating and high pressure pump to have fresh water in each coffee. It also has a surface to warm the cups that helps to get the exact temperature of the drink and a function to achieve a creamy foam cold or hot milk. The design is suitable for ground coffee and espresso units. Intense tasty products are obtained, but with little variation in the combination. It can serve two wells at once, but the height of the filter prevents placing a cup of 250 cm3 to take a long coffee with milk.

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