In a small town called New York, 33-year old El Cid (Damian Young, Amateur, Simple Men) is searching for a mission, while the world offers minimum wage. By day, he struggles with dead-end jobs and dead-end friends. By night, El Cid takes to the streets with the Asphalt Nomads - a people who drive old Buicks and Lincolns down empty lanes of blacktop in search of The Perfect Ride - seeking the freedom of open roads within Manhattan's city limits... until sunrise comes and El Cid must return to battle. Whether he needs a bigger apartment, or new friends, or simply a chance to lead a small Latin American nation, El Cid is going to bust if he doesn't break loose soon; something's bound to give. Written, Directed and Produced by Art Jones Starring Damian Young and Victor Argo.


"Young's El Cid is an understated soul with whom anyone can empathize... spending time on the not-so-open roads of Manhattan has rarely seemed so appealing."
Time Out New York

"Indie movie vet Young plays El Cid with deadpan whimsy."
New York Newsday

"A sweet ride!"
The Chicago Tribune

"Funny...an intelligent, poetic and humorous meditation on the big dreams and small endeavors of people who are searching for meaning in their lives... Going Nomad has ideas to spare."
The New York Daily News

"A gleeful cocktail of comedy and poetry...hilarious...an inspiring tale of self-discovery!"
LA Weekly

"...rhapsodic Beatnik whimsy...a comic ode to urban night driving.... peopled with the contemporary equivalents of William Saroyan characters spouting Tom Waits-style riffs. "
The New York Times

"Quirky and original...works because of Young's droll, touching performance and Jones's obvious fondness for the city and the activity that he captures so effectively."

"...a low-budget ode to the nighttime streets of Manhattan...eloquent... poetic... should provide Jones with an industry calling card."
The Village Voice