Lena is a Latina actress, now hitting her mid-thirties, and struggling to have a career, a relationship and a life. During one emotionally intense day, after an argument with her boyfriend, the dismissive attitude of her agent, auditions which offer only ethnically typecast roles, and difficult rehearsals for an off-Broadway play which receives snide newspaper reviews, Lena vows to quit the business. Just hours later, when she is offered a major role in a new Broadway production, Lena must suddenly reconsider her career, her relationship, and everything she has ever worked for. This compelling drama, filmed in an exhilarating, spontaneous style, is the latest work from the acclaimed husband/wife team of Heather Johnston and Gordon Eriksen and stars Marlene Forte (Law and Order) in what The Village Voice called "a knockout performance."

"Marlene Forte is a passionate centerpiece... in a film that keeps the romance of show business alive."
The New York Times

"Intimate, passionate, bristling with intelligence and vitality"

-The Los Angeles Times

"Marlene Forte is amazing-you can't stop watching her."
The L.A. Weekly

"Bold, resourceful, honest and smart... more than any film besides Opening Night, it gets inside the process of acting...it's a film John Cassavetes almost certainly would have loved."
The Village Voice

"Announces the arrival of an extremely gifted actress...a riveting performance... supported by a superb ensemble."

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