In the early Sixties, Nelson Mandela traveled incognito across South Africa, organizing armed rebellion against the apartheid regime. Driving a gleaming Austin Westminster automobile, he was disguised as the chauffeur for an elegant, impeccably dressed white man. That man was Cecil Williams - a leading Johannesburg theater director, a committed freedom fighter... and a gay man. Starring Corin Redgrave (In the Name of the Father) the film blends dramatized accounts of key incidents in Williams' life with archival footage, home movies, and contemporary interviews to tell the story of the personal and political bravery of a forgotten hero. Directed by Greta Schiller (Before Stonewall, Paris Was a Woman).

"Moving and intriguing...Corin Redgrave is superb."
-Seattle Weekly

"...a work of love, war and political intrigue."
-The London Mail & Guardian

"...takes a 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead' approach to one of the 20th century's most charged engrossing, smoothly put together chronicle...that should appeal across the board, not simply to the gay enclave."


"First rate... entertaining... a brisk, intelligent portrait."
-The London Sunday Times

"Fascinating!· achieves a nice balance between solid storytelling, historical accuracy and life altering idealism"
-The Vancouver Sun Documentary Teddy Award Berlin International Film Festival