SlamNation is an exciting look at the latest in literary blood sport: Slam Poetry. This nonfiction narrative illuminates the competitive spoken word movement as it fire-spreads across North America. New York City's Slam Team journeys to Portland to compete in the National Poetry Slam, engaging in a verbal slugfest with 120 performance poets on 27 city teams for four days of exciting elimination bouts. Along the way, they encounter Machiavellian strategizing, personal animosities, fulfilling triumphs and some truly electrifying language.

"The drama is always full-flame! So is the comedy!"
Film Pick of the Week, L.A. Weekly

"Dramatic! The energy pulses, snaps and crackles."
The Chicago Tribune

"Mesmerizing! Raw excitement!"

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"The Woodstock of spoken word...terrific!...hilarious!"
Time Out New York

"Frenetically high-powered!...Verbally akin to stripping naked!"
The New York Times

"Adheres to the finest traditions of the storyteller's art. SEE IT!"
The Orlando Weekly

"Fast, funny, furious and every now and then poignant."
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Chicago Sun Times

"If you've never considered poetry an exciting art, you'll be shocked into radical reevaluation by this white-knuckled portrait."

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