Eddie Fleming (Hugo Weaving, The Matrix) is sound asleep when, at 5:00 in the morning, his door is broken down by the police, who take him to police headquarters for questioning. Confused and scared, Eddie finds himself sitting in a dark, locked interrogation room, confronted by Detective John Steele (Tony Martin, A Cry in the Dark), who's asking lots of questions. The grueling examination continues all day long, with Steele periodically pausing and leaving Eddie alone in the room to 'sweat' a little and consider his options. When he returns, his questions seem to take a more sinister direction. Sensing that Steele is being pressured to break the case, Eddie starts to lead him on. Now listening intently to every word of Eddie's increasingly detailed and incriminating tale, the balance of power has shifted. Steele needs Eddie and Eddie knows it, and their battle of wits leads to a stunning climax in this fascinating psychological thriller that explores guilt, innocence and the uncertain nature of the truth.

Winner of the Australian Film Industry's Top Awards for 1998
"Best Film" "Best Actor" "Best Original Screenplay"


" A taut psychological thriller!"
The New York Post

"A fascinating piece of cinematic skullduggery!"
The Chicago Tribune

"Riveting, surprise-filled thriller...makes you think twice, and more than twice, about what you think you've seen."
The Seattle Times

"A technical showpiece...executed with extreme competence."
The New York Times

"Kafkaesque...this powerfully acted Australian film locks in its audience like a giant pair of handcuffs"
The Montreal Gazette

"Chilling...suspenseful...the police drama stripped to its core!"

The Boston Globe

"Dark, devious, insightful...makes The Usual Suspects look like an episode of Dragnet"
The Austin Chronicle

The Arizona Republic

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