Types of carpets for movie theaters

Movie theaters are crowded places daily by a lot of people in search of fun and entertainment. Today beyond being in the age of DVD and blue ray, where often we can have movies that have been released recently and our every after months of opening, the habit of going to the movies is something that continues.

12One of the nicest things we find is the film setting. Usually the rooms have reclining seats, dim lights, and carpet floors. But what characteristics they have in common the different types of carpets for movie theaters? There is something that is unavoidable, they all have to be extremely resilient. A movie theater receives a movement of people who are almost permanent. For this reason it is important that the carpet you choose can have a good tolerance and lasting enough to not have to walk all the time replacing.
With regard to color, today if we see different types of carpets for movie theaters that are on the market most of them show a combination of dark colors. Although the lights in the theater are most time low when the same light is really easy to see the deterioration of the carpet, so dark colors so that they can hide a little dirt and wear are chosen.
Another feature in which have to think when evaluating different types of carpets for movie theaters is usually within the halls people do something that generally the use of carpets is not recommended: eat. The food near the carpet is a real danger . On the one hand within the film we can see the classic: popcorn. Although this delicacy is really very rich can wreak havoc on film, because all the time is falling from the bucket and we are treading. Once the popcorn, especially the sweet, is stepped on , this is adhered to the carpet and is very difficult to remove the stain cleaning london. Another movie classics are the nachos with cheese, always ending of the sauce nachos on the floor. All this digression is the fact that it will be really important to think about types of carpets for movie theaters that are easily washable and have fibers which food scraps adhere as little as possible. Usually between performances it is not performed washing the carpet itself.

12In these cases the vacuum is passed and all uneaten food that may be left are removed. However it is true that when the film is closed is performed by washing the carpets and this is much more frequent than in the case of normal carpets.
Usually cinema chains have prepared equipment washing and drying of carpets. Here drying is a very important part, because carpets can not be outside as in the case where these surfaces are movable. For this reason it will be important to get types of carpets for movie theaters that lend themselves to artificial drying.
With respect to the fur carpet in theaters without exception short – pile carpets are used. As we said earlier maintaining carpets in cinemas is really complex, so we need the carpet pile as short as possible.
On the issue of aesthetics, usually different types of carpets for movie theaters are combined with upholstered walls. The walls of cinemas, beyond having acoustic coating are upholstered, so it is important to think about the correlation between carpets and upholstered walls. Usually companies engaged in selling carpets for movie theaters are dedicated to this area in particular. Think what it means placing carpet in a movie theater.

This goes far beyond the work that might mean putting carpet in a dining room or a room. Here we are working with uneven surfaces and have a lot of square meters. In addition usually deadlines for completion of the works are highly regulated, and are calculated according to business objectives. For this reason many times in order to finish the job more quickly than many people actually need to do the job is hired.
The choice between different types of carpets for movie theaters is a decision that will have to be taken consciously thinking about the large amount of money will be invested in the project, and trying to make the room look its best.Although the offer is great, and there are many types of carpets for movie theaters that can be pretty in the different complexes , the fact that the decision will be a matter of the owners and consultants in decoration.

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