Curriculum Vitae and Da’wah Sunan Kudus

The name Walisongo is familiar in our minds, a trustee who is a friend of God and given the mandate to teach Islam to the public. They are very important in the development and spread of Islam in Indonesia, especially Java. Sayyid Ja’far Sadiq Azmatkhan or better known by the name of Sunan Kudus for example.

He is well-known in teaching the science of jurisprudence, so he is one of the members of Walisongo who is famous as the guardian of knowledge. Not only that, Sunan Kudus also became the sixth Shiite priest. he was highly regarded as a meritorious ancestor.

A figure that is highly respected by the community because of his teachings in conveying Islamic religious knowledge. Until now Sunan’s name is known to the public and its legacy is still preserved. To learn more, the following will be discussed about Sunan Kudus.


Curriculum Vitae of Sunan Kudus

Sayyid Ja’far Sadiq Azmatkhan was born on September 9, 1400 AD / 808 AH in Palestine. The son of Raden Usman Hajji, also known as Sunan Ngudung, a warlord of the Sultanate of Demak Bintoro.

His father was the son of a Sultan in Palestine named Sayyid Fadhal Ali Murtazha (King Pandita / Raden Santri).

Then emigrated to the island of Java and arrived at the Islamic Sultanate of Demak and was appointed warlord. Sunan Kudus studied religion with his own father and to Kyai Telingsing and Sunan Ampel.

Kyai Telingsing is a Chinese cleric who came to Java with Cheng Hoo, who then spread Islam and made kinship with the Javanese.

After that he preached in the midst of people who are still Hindu and Buddhist. During his life Ja’far Sadiq served several jobs in the Islamic Caliphate of Demak, including

  1. Counselor of the Caliph (Sultan Demak)
  2. Warlords
  3. Qadhi
  4. Mufti
  5. The high priest of the Demak Mosque and the Holy Mosque
  6. Murshid Tariqa
  7. Naqib Nasab descended from Azmatkhan
  8. Chairman of Walisongo Islamic Market
  9. Responsible for the Printing of Islamic Dirham Dinar
  10. Chairwoman Baitulmal Walisongo


Method of Da’wah Sunan Kudus

In the past, the majority of the people were Hindus and Buddhists. It is not easy to introduce and teach Islam, but not for Sunan Kudus, he uses the method of syiar or cultural approach so that it is easily accepted by the public. Here is the method of preaching that he delivered:

  1. Approaching the Hindu Society

Hindu society is very firm in its beliefs so that this method is difficult, but he tried to make people convert to Islam. Ja’far Sadiq teaches that Muslims are highly tolerant of Hindu society so that the passage of time they want to convert to Islam.

The teaching is in the form of respecting cows that are saved by Hindus and building mosque towers that are almost the same as Hindu temple buildings.

  1. Approaching Buddhist Society

This method is different from that applied to Hindu society, here he made the ablution in the form of a shower as many as eight shower points.

Each fountain is given a statue of Kebo Gumarang which is respected in Buddhism. So they became curious and eventually entered the mosque area and were influenced by Sunan’s explanation and then became Muslims.

  1. Change the Mitoni Ritual (Selametan)

This event is an event that has been sacred since ancient times by the Hindu-Buddhist community. The contents of the mitoni is a way of expressing gratitude for having been blessed with a child.